Welcome To Post Boxes Etc

Welcome To Post Boxes Etc

Thank you for visiting the Post Boxes Etc Website. We have introduced an online tracking system that will allow you to track your packages online. Contact your Postboxes Etc. Location for more details.

Freight Increase

Due to new taxes and fees related to air freight imposed by the government this budget year regret to inform that effective 29th September, 2013 our freight rates will increase by $0.05 (5 cents) to $1.45 per lb.

Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact our various stores.

Cable Beach - 327-7678
Village Road - 394-7678

Local Boxes Increase

Effective 1st June, 2013, local boxes will now be $60 a year.

Weight Calculation Changes

In an effort to keep up with international standards please be advised that effective 1st May 2013, our rates regarding the calculation of dimensional weight will change. Please note that this effects the calculation of the dim weight only.

The new shipping rate will be: length multiplied by width multiplied by height divided by 139 (length X width X height)139. Local and International couriers have been calculating dimensional weight at this rate since 2011.

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Past Announcements

NOTICE: Please be advised that effective immediately
Post Boxes Etc. will no longer be accepting or shipping rifles, guns or parts of either to be shipped to Nassau. We apologize for any inconvenience caused but we cannot be responsible for having guns or gun parts seized by U.S. Border Patrol. Please do not order these items to be received by our staff at our Fort Lauderdale location as they will no longer be accepted or shipped.

New Duty Rates
As you may already know, Bahamas Customs has recently revised its duty rate on many items and categories. Some items now carry a lower rate, while others have increased. The changes are already in effect, and as such, you will notice that the charges for items that you normally purchase will have changed. Please click on the following link for a detailed list of the new rates. New Duty Rates

NOTICE: Please Check all packages before leaving the store.


New Government Regulations
A new government regulation requires that each box holder(every name on the box) must sign a Customs C.44 form and return the completed form to your Postboxes Etc Customer Representative.

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